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If you are beginning with learning about self-organization. A short overview with the basic principles of SOS.
Confused about all the SOS terminology? Use the glossary here.


The SOS Knowledge Base is an organically growing database of information that aims to provides users with a wide spectrum of topics, methods and principles of self-organization.
The Global SOS Network gives an increasing amount of options for learning SOS. Here are the main choices
This learning series has three parts:  the first is for any rebel who is organizing  the second is for any rebel that wants to facilitate meetings  the third is for rebels who want to coach their own or other teams to adopt sos
A list of all Learning Modules of all Learning Programs
A course is a collection of learning modules, which are ordered in a pre-defined sequence. A course is a 'template' learning pathway, but any module in the course can be attended to without requirements. 


The Global SOS Network is a peer-to-peer contact network of ‘Global SOS Link members’, that allows for collaboration and shares and spreads SOS related information throughout the whole movement
A list of the current XR group connected to the Global SOS Networks through a Link member. Ideally we want all XR groups to have direct or indirect contact with the network in order receive the support they need. If you like to connect your group, we can assist you with that process.


If your want SOS support, there are different options available:
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Website Co-Development

You can submit here request features for this website. A feature is a certain functionality or improvement that you would find useful. You need to be logged in to submit features or to vote
  'Website Feedback' webform submissions
A list of issues that the developers of this website are working on.