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Guidance on writing a clear and concise mandate keep as short as possible so it’s easy for circle members and other people to read and understand Read more..
Disclaimer: I use the following way of tension processing (loosely based on Holacracy/Sociocracy/Non-violent communcation) but I am not expecting or wanting that you do the same. This is not intended to patronize, it helps me to learn. Read more..
The advice process as coined by Dennis Bakke practically looks like this: Read more..
Tactical Meeting Process CHECK IN Call out distractions, get present for the meeting. One person speaks at a time, without discussion. Read more..
Explanation Roles are the 'building blocks' of a social organism or organization. Together, they represent all the activities that are performed in it. Individually, they show the most detailed grouping of activities available. Read more..
'Tension' is a term that is used in the XR SOS frameworks as well as in Holacracy and other systems for decentralized governance. Read more..
Introduction: This knowledge base contains pages that summarize information of a subject. This is not a document repository or a bookmarking site, although the summaries may contain references (links) to documents or web resources. Read more..
This Open SOS Framework is based on SOS concepts known in XR, but makes these accessible as components called 'modules'. This means that local groups can select the components that best fit their local groups growth or structure needs. Read more..
Open SOS uses the open-source model Wikipedia: Read more..