Global SOS Network

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General information

The Global SOS Network is a peer-to-peer network of rebels around the world, that allows for collaboration, co-development and information-sharing related to self-organizing throughout the whole movement.

This network sessions are co-facilitated by Global SOS Network Link Members from across the movement, Global SOS Network Link Members are connecting XR groups internationally, such as the Global Support SOS team, which initiated this network to decentralize SOS development. Parts of the network are supported in their development by 'Global SOS Network Maintainers', for example language specific network, but these roles do not have authority over their network.

Decisions about developments in the network are done in the weekly Global SOS Network sessions, collectively. The Global SOS Network using Open SOS 2.0 being the modular, international standard for self-organization in networks and larger social organisms. More about Open SOS 2.0 you can read here.(for more advanced SOS users)

Become a network member 

In the Global SOS Network rebels can join as a Standard or Link member. In this way you will access to the network’s communication and collaborative platforms (such as Discourse) and to participate in the network’s sessions

To know more on memberships and the extra benefits and accountabilities of becoming a Network Link member for your XR group (e.g., SOS mentoring sessions, co-defining sessions’ weekly-themes), click here

Network sessions Dates and times:

In Global SOS Network session we always dedicate some time to support each other on needs and questions related to self-organising in our XR groups; in addition, we have a specific theme of the week co-defined by Network Links. 

Currently, in order to facilitate the participation by rebels all around the world, there are two weekly sessions in English on Thursdays at: 

  • 09:00 UTC  
  • 17:00 UTC 

Become a Network member to get the Zoom links.

Submit your idea for 'Session Themes'

All network members are able to submit and vote on topics to be handled during the coming sessions.

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Currently the sessions are run in English, but in order to keep evolving into a vibrant, diverse and really global community, the Global SOS Network is expanding in different languages! These are Spanish, French and Italian. Stay tuned for updates!

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