Section: Learning

The Global SOS Network gives an increasing amount of options for learning SOS. Here are the main choices
A course is a collection of learning modules, which are ordered in a pre-defined sequence. A course is a 'template' learning pathway, but any module in the course can be attended to without requirements. 
A list of all Learning Modules of all Learning Programs
TTT programs are courses that train rebels to train (or coach) a group. It is the most effective way to facilitate the self-empowerment and the self-learning capacity of local groups.
The SOS Knowledge Base is an organically growing database of information that aims to provides users with a wide spectrum of topics, methods and principles of self-organization.
SOS Building Blocks. In order to have consistency of the use of SOS concepts across the movement, the Global SOS Network co-developed an international standard for developing and exchanging SOS 'modules',