SOS Train-the-Trainers Programs

What are Train-the-Trainers (TTT) programs?

TTT programs are courses that train rebels to train (or coach) a group.

It is the most effective way to facilitate the self-empowerment and the self-learning capacity of local groups.

The participants of this TTT program are those that are part of, or have direct contact with the local group they will be training.

These learning programs aim at building a set of skills for rebels that would like to facilitate learning programs in their XR groups.

SOS TTT Programs

1. SOS Basics (Trainers Training)

2. Meeting Facilitation (Trainers Training) 

3. SOS Coaching (Trainers Training) 

4. How to start a group (Trainers Training)  ON HOLD


Note: training materials are partly predefined, and partly will be co-developed with the local group that receive the training. This is aimed to be a quick process and seen as essential to optimize the effect that the training has to meet the needs of the local group.

At the bottom of the page you can see an image illustrating the process of facilitation, learning and co-development of the TTT trainings.


Fill the TTT Programs application form 

and visit the SOS TTT Checklist for the following steps.


Scheme of SOS TTT programs' facilitation, learning and co-development



TTT Programs