Learning module: Open SOS Modules

Working with modules in the Open SOS Framework

In order to create consistency in the use of SOS concepts across the movement, the Global SOS Network co-developed an international standard for developing and exchanging SOS 'modules', which are components for building your own local SOS constitution and SOS processes. It is a bit similar to an Open Source Community, and is based on sharing and collaboration.

Until now, local groups not part of the UK Organism could copy parts of the UK SOS constitution and use SOS concepts to create their own SOS organism. However, that did not lead to a standard or easy exchange across the movement. The IST SOS team identified that need and co-developed with the Global SOS Network a first standard for a modular SOS framework: The Open SOS Framework. 

This Open SOS Framework is based on SOS concepts known in XR, but makes these accessible as components called 'modules'. This means that local groups can select the components that best fit their local groups growth or structure needs.

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