Series Syllabus

Welcome to the Extinction Rebellion Self-Organizing Learning Series. This series is a collaborative project created by rebels who practice self-organizing around the globe. 

The series aims to empower rebels from around the world to organize in a way that is effective, collaborative and regenerative. You’ll learn about the principles of self-organizing in a way that is  interactive and balances knowledge sharing with gaining insight from personal reflection and peer-to-peer sharing. 

This series is NOT going to give you all the answers, nor does it try to. It acknowledges a balance between sharing knowledge of what has and hasn’t worked for some and that each rebel must think about how to adapt and apply these learnings to their context. 

This learning series has three main courses, and a number of additional courses: 

  1. Rebels: This course is for any rebel who wants to organize in a way that is effective and empowering
  2. Facilitators: This course is for any rebel who wants to help their group self-organize by facilitating meetings 
  3. Coaches: This course is for rebels who want to provide in-depth support to teams on how to self-organize given their context

You can pick and choose which sessions to attend, but some sessions assume you have already attended others, so please read the session description before attending. 

We’re currently translating the series into French, Spanish, Italian and other languages.