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Category: Learning Module Developers
When to create a Learning Program (which contains courses) A 'Learning Program' is a top level 'container' which contains courses The SOS Learning Programs are all connected together through the Global SOS Network and the Global Rebellion Academy Network.
Create Interactive Content
Category: Members
Adding and voting on Session Themes
How to add images and video's
How to add Learning Program documentation (Syllabus pages) NOTE: This tutorial is for adding simple text pages. If you need to have listings of course, sessions, modules or trainers etc please contact Yuri because that needs some extra explanation. Any listing need not be added manually, this is all possible automatically in the website.
How we handle SOS Support Requests When a person or group requests SOS support in this website, the request first goes through an assessment of its requirements, in which is decided how it is processed. The options are for example:
How to create a new learning session There are (at least) two ways to create a new learning session:
Edit a learning module
How can I add an XR group to this site This is the order to do that:
How to translate a page (manually)
Category: Admin
What is the International Resource Review Process The Global SOS Network maintains some criteria for resources to be considered 'international'. Although these criteria are not very strict, the aim is to optimize the usefulness of resources for the whole movement, internationally.
New event registration feature
Category: Facilitators
Learning Modules are embedded in Events Information for Open Learning Facilitators (trainers) In the website, Open SOS modules, Open Learning Modules and Events are different 'content types', but they share some 'fields' of each other.
Category: Visitors
How to create a new user account in this website (This tutorial is for creating a new account in this website. If you already have an account, there is not need to create a new one)