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A group of Roles that all contribute to the same Purpose. SOS has a number of 'template roles' that can be used. In Holacracy every Circle has “core roles” (e.g. Facilitator, Secretary, Lead Link, and Rep Link) as well as other Roles doing the work. A Circle is treated like a Role with the additional authority to break itself down into sub-Roles.
Being able to facilitate a group using XR principles and self-organising methods.
Consent-Based Decision Making
A focus on whether a proposal is safe and unable to cause harm.
The documents defining the fundamental rules, processes, and other constructs of the SOS/Holacracy system for organizational governance and operations. Within an social organism running SOS or Holacracy, the Constitution is the formal power-holder in the organization rather than a specific person (e.g. CEO, President, etc.)