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A Policy allows or limits others from impacting a Domain. For example, if a “Social Media” Role owns the Domain of “corporate Twitter account” then a Policy might be enacted to allow an “Events Promotion” Role to make posts to Twitter (e.g. “Events Promotion has permission to post events-related content to the corporate Twitter account”).
A Project is a specific outcome that requires multiple and/or sequential actions to complete. Projects are phrased in the past tense as in, “Budget report completed.” All Circle members are required to capture and track Projects for their Roles in a tangible form and to regularly review and update them.
A recommended change to the Circle’s Governance presented by a Circle member during a Governance Meeting. A Proposal is based on the proposer’s felt Tension and may involve as many parts as necessary to resolve that Tension.
Clarifies the identity and intention of a Role or Circle. The Purpose orients the action of a Role even if any other explicit Accountabilities, Policies, Strategies, Priorities, or resources have not been defined. In SOS and Holacracy, each role or circle has its clearly defined purpose, which needs to support & contribute to the purpose of the organization.