A note about language and spelling: In the Global SOS Network we aim to support the top most spoken languages. By default this website uses Oxford International English, which is increasingly recognized as an international standard. As a result, we use the spelling 'organize, organizing, organization' (with a z)
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Regenerative Culture
A society where we are all crew. Decisions are based on skills that can be used in the moment, allowing positive change with a focus on reconnection with other beings.
An organizational entity used to define certain functions of the organization. The definition of a Role includes a Purpose to express, Domain(s) to control, and Accountabilities to perform. The only way for a Role to be created, revised, or destroyed is through the Circle’s Governance process. What is a Role in SOS/Holacracy
Root Framework
In Open SOS, a Root Framework is a collection (package) of Root Modules that define the basic agreements, to which other modules (contributed Open SOS modules) can be added to form a self-organization application such as an SOS Constitution. A Root Framework is like the grammar of a language, serving to maintain consistency of that version of the self-organizing system in its international use. The Open SOS Development Framework