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A course is a collection of learning modules, which are ordered in a pre-defined sequence. A course is a 'template' learning pathway, but any module in the course can be attended to without requirements. 

The Open Learning principles in XR, allows everyone to be present in any session. However, if you take part in a session in which prior knowledge or experience is recommended, the session facilitator and participants will focus on learning material and learning experiences of that particular level of knowledge and experience.

Learning Program: Global SOS Network Program
ID Course title Description
250 Global SOS Network -Weekly

The Global SOS Network weekly sessions are part of an ongoing experiential course, in which members of the network discuss challenges and opportunities in their local groups, and contribute to research and development of self-organization methods.

Learning Program: SOS Open Learning Series
ID Course title Description
158 SOS for Rebels (XR UK SOS)

The course SOS for Rebels is easy to understand for people starting to learn about self-organization.

Based on the XR UK SOS, but applicable and useful to rebels worldwide.

160 SOS Meeting Facilitation

The course SOS Meeting Facilitation is for learning to guide team meetings, such as strategic of operational meetings. You will learn skills to allow a meeting to be harmonious and enjoyable as well as efficient.

161 Local SOS Coaching

The course Local SOS Coaching builds your skills to guide a local group in the use of self-organization methods. 

214 Global SOS Coaching

The course Global SOS Coaching is for SOS coaches that like to learn how to apply self-organization methods in international projects, cross-organism interactions and global networks. This includes handling challenges related to differences between countries and cultures.

Learning Program: SOS Train-the-Trainers Program
ID Course title Description
149 SOS Basics (TTT) Participants will learn how to explain the principles of SOS to their group
56 Meeting Facilitation (TTT) Purpose: To enable and empower rebels to train other rebels to undertake the facilitator role in their own groups
57 SOS Coaching (TTT) This training will prepare a member of a local group to provide SOS guidance to their group
55 How to start a group (TTT) NOTE: This program is more general, and only has a few sessions related to SOS. For a more SOS focused basic training, see the program 'SOS Basics'.  This 'How to Start a Group' program is a collaborative project that integrates DNA, Regen, SOS, Training, Finance, Outreach, Actions, etc.