The Open SOS Development Framework

Short introduction to the Open SOS Framework

In order to have consistency of the use of SOS concepts across the movement, the Global SOS Network co-developed an international standard for developing and exchanging SOS 'modules', which are components for building your own local SOS constitution and SOS processes. It is a bit similar to an Open Source Community, and is based on sharing and collaboration.

How can local groups outside of the UK Organism build a self-organizing system? 
Until now, local groups not part of the UK Organism could copy parts of the UK SOS constitution and use SOS concepts to create their own SOS organism. However, that did not lead to a standard or easy exchange across the movement. 

The IST SOS team identified that need and co-developed with the Global SOS Network a first standard for a modular SOS framework: The Open SOS Framework. 

Building blocks

This Open SOS Framework is based on SOS concepts known in XR, but makes these accessible as components called 'modules'. This means that local groups can select the components that best fit their local groups growth or structure needs.

The figure below shows that the Open SOS Framework provides a very 'bare bones' set of 'root modules' (basic components) needed for a minimal viable constitution, and you are able to add extra modules (extensions) to suit the need of your xr group.



Example: starting a new group

A new group likes to use an SOS system to self-organize, but the UK constitution is too complex and an overkill. The Open SOS Framework now makes it easy for new teams to select only some essential 'root modules' that together form a very basic constitution.

Introducing Open SOS in an existing group

Thanks to the modularity of Open SOS, existing groups can now be supported by the SOS modules they like, without having to adopt a complete SOS constitution. In this way, self-organizing can be introduced in a group only there where the group feels a need for it.

What does 'Open' mean, in the name Open SOS?

The word "Open" refers to the open-source model, which is a decentralized software development model that encourages open collaboration. Open source usually refers to a community developed and community supported software project. Typically, the phrase open source means that the technology is free to use, free to share and free to modify. In recent years, the term open source is being used for anything that should not be commercialized, not only software. In the case of Open SOS, it applies to the conceptual self-organization framework development process and its results.

Open SOS 1.0

Open SOS 1.0 is the currently most well known SOS 'root' framework, since it is the internationalized modular version of the UK SOS Constitution. Read more about the Open SOS 1.0 root framework here.


See the Open SOS in Development