What is the International Resource Review Process

The Global SOS Network maintains some criteria for resources to be considered 'international'. Although these criteria are not very strict, the aim is to optimize the usefulness of resources for the whole movement, internationally.

What are the criteria?

Some criteria are for example:

  • The resource does not (strongly) violate the inclusiveness and diversity principles of XR
  • The resource is unique in its kind and and existing similar resource is not already present in the resource database
  • If a resource could be better than an existing one, please contact the resource maintainer for co-development
  • The resource needs not to use simple English so that non-native English speakers can easily understand it.
  • The resource needs to be easily translated, meaning that the meaning of specific symbols, phrasing and pictures are commonly understood.
  • The resource preferably does not contain city or country names, unless necessary for illustration purposes.

For a complete list of criteria, please contact sos@rebellion.support

Who reviews it?

There are multiple ways that review happens:

  • By yourself. You can use the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) resource review form
  • Regularly, the Link Members and Open SOS Developers of the Global SOS Network are asked to review a list of new resources.
  • Movement-wide, all people are able to submit a request for change to a resource. These requests will also be reviewed in the Global SOS Network.

How to I know if a resource is approved?

  • Each resource that is used in the Global SOS Network is added to the online resources database of this website. Each resource has a 'status' field that indicates whether it has been reviewed, approved, put on hold or rejected. Rejection seldom happens (or may be temporary) because any issues will be discussed with the resource developer, which will result in the improvement needed.

What if I don't want it to be reviewed, or I don't agree with the outcome?

  • This review is as simple as viewing the 10 principles and values in international context, and has up to now not faced any disagreements. However, interpretations could be different and we leave it up to the majority of the movement (through crowd sourcing / questionnaires) if no clear decision can be taken.

Can I add or edit the criteria

  • Everyone can submit a request to add or edit the criteria that are used for international review or resources. These requests are handled in the regular Global SOS Network sessions, and the requests and results are published on the website publicly.


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