Resources Database


This is a database of pages that reference (link to) SOS related documents and resources.

It aims to contain ALL SOS related resources available in XR.

It DOES NOT recognize, approve or acknowledge any of the information in the resource by default.

Resources will go through a review and advice process before the are redeveloped and/or used for purposes such as learning programs.


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Review Process

sos resource workflow


Display and accessibility of resources in this website, will depend on the roles that you have. For example,

Program co-developers and sos network links will have access to most resources that are in the queue for review and redevelopment.

Normal site users will only see a filtered list of resources that have been approved for international use. The reason for this is:

  • Resources that have been developed for specific regions may not be suitable for the international public since it would for example focus too much on the constitution used in that specific area, and may cause the misunderstanding that the whole movement needs to use these specific approaches or rules.
  • Some resources may have been developed by individuals that did not use feedback loops or that may not have sufficient understanding of the material. For quality assurance as well as for the prevention of confusion, we need to make sure that a review process checks if the movement at large finds this information up to date or outdated. 

Facilitating feedback loops

The IST or IST SOS does not censure content, but it chooses to at least not distribute content until a fair review of it has been processed through global network feedback loops. This increases transparency and the ability for the movement to build some consistency and quality in its organically building of knowledge, methods and experiences.


Apart from the 'recommended' resources that went through a review, for the sake of transparency, all content that is collected by the IST SOS team is available upon request to rebels with a role in an XR team.