When to create a Learning Program (which contains courses)

A 'Learning Program' is a top level 'container' which contains courses

The SOS Learning Programs are all connected together through the Global SOS Network and the Global Rebellion Academy Network. These network support collaboration, synchronization and mutual support of learning programs and modules. Collaboration internationally is not a must, but it is highly recommended in order to make use of our collective wisdom and expertises in the movement. So if you want to develop new learning content, first check if you can join or collaborate an existing international project or team. This will save you a lot of work, and you will be much better supported.

How to translate everything

  • All Learning Programs, Courses, Learning Modules and even Events can be translated. 
  • It is highly recommended, if the content is the same but you only need to translated versions, to simply translate everything. The maintaining team or the website maintainers can assist you with that. See also the Support pages for translation videos.

When to create a new Learning Program?

  • When the whole Learning Program that you want to create, is fundamentally different from any existing Learning Program. For example, the courses are different or the courses contain different modules.

When NOT to create a new Learning Program?

  • Don't create a new Learning Program if the course structure of an existing program is 'good enough' and you only need to translate it. Collaborate with the people that maintain that existing program.
  • If the Learning Program more or less covers the content, but you want to add a special course or a few special modules, you can arrange with the team of the existing Learning Program to make that possible.
Structure of Learning Content
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