Session: How to Self-Organise Basics / DNA Structure

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Tue, Jul 14 2020, 17:00 - 19:00 UTC
Event Facilitators

Hi there, 👋


🤔 Stuck in a structure that limits productivity? Want to break the rules of hierachy and explore an organisation where no one is in charge? 🌎 Heard of mandates and circles, but aren't sure how they apply to you?


If any of this strikes a chord, I'm reminding you that The Self-Organising System is running a session on SOS Basics at 17:00 UTC


🌿 Learn what the SOS is and why XR uses it

🌿 Find out how to make decisions in a group

🌿 Explore new ways of working together 

🌿 Discuss practical ways to make the SOS work for your group 


Registration is via this Zoom link:


👀 Want some prior knowledge? Check out the SOS Learning Series Syllabus.


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This session is part of the following Learning Module

Learning module: Self-Organising Basics / DNA Structure (XR UK)

This session: 

  • Hierarchy and consensus/flat structures
  • Principles of the Self-Organising System (SOS): Shared purpose, consent based decision making, distributed authority, mandates, communication and transparency
  • Circle structure




Before this meeting:

  • No prior knowledge required
  • You can skip this session if you have attended the DNA Structure training


After this meeting:

  • Talk through the principles with your team and think through how they might apply in your group