Course: SOS Coaching (TTT)

Purpose: To empower people to coach others in SOS

Intended recipients: People with some familiarity with the XR SOS who will train others to self-organize

Structure and mode of training:

This program will handle apart from basic concepts of self-organization in groups, practical applications that have proven to be useful for XR groups. 

SOS Framework Compatibility of this training: (for details and differences, see this Open SOS information page)

  • Open SOS 1.0 (Global modular SOS format, compatible with XR UK SOS Constitution based elements)
  • Open SOS 2.0 (Global modular SOS format, compatible with self-organizing cross-organism relationships and self-organizing global networks



IMPORTANT: These resources are not for public distribution, but only for use by the participants of the SOS Train-the-Trainers programs. These resources require instructor-led sessions.


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