Join the Global SOS Network as a standard or Link Member

General information on standard and Link memberships

Standard members

As a Network standard member you can access resources and attend to network sessions without needing to collaborate or taking extra responsibilities. This will also give you access to the collaborative platform Discourse and communication channels.

Link members

As a Network Link member you will support the information flow between the Global SOS Network and the XR group you are a Link for. Any group -- also a sub-sub-sub group of a working group anywhere in the world -- can have its own Link to the network.

Holding the Link role means to have extra benefits for you and your XR group and accountabilities towards the network. You can collaborate with other Network Link members (e.g., co-developing SOS learning resources), co-facilitate and co-define the themes of the Network's sessions and attend SOS mentoring and coach learning sessions. You will also keep your XR group informed with recent developments of the Global SOS Network, and the network with the evolution of your group. There are also dedicated chat and discourse spaces for Global SOS Network Links. 

Become a standard or Link member of the Global SOS Network

Any rebel can apply, so join the Global SOS Network as a standard or Link member filling this form


Roles of the Global SOS Network

Other roles in the Global SOS Network

  • Network Facilitators: rebels holding this role (co-)facilitate the Global SOS Network sessions. Network Links can also co-facilitate sessions. 

  • Network Maintainers: they facilitate the coordination of activities in the Global SOS Network or one of its subnetworks. They perform tasks such as keeping database, agendas and other documents up-to-date.