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Guidelines for submitting a new session theme

See video tutorial A session theme is a topic that you propose for being handled in one of the upcoming Global SOS Network sessions. All members are able to submit and vote on these suggested themes, and the highest voted theme will be included in the upcoming session (unless another topic is given preference because of some reasonable priority) Please do not include real person names or real group names in your theme description. This web page is public on the internet, and we need to protect privacy. If you want dedicated support for your group, it is a better idea to submit a focused SOS coaching request

Adding session themes and voting is possible for users with the 'Network Link' membership'. If you like to become a Link member see this page

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How to fully restructure a (local) group with a self-organising approach?
What approach should a (local) group follow to restructure itself in a self-organising way and adopting new self-organising practices? Would it make sense to start from a blank page? Should a group of rebels drive this phase? What role would the local assembly play and, if so… Read more
Overlapping Mandates
what happens when Circles or other subgroups get territorial about the overlap between their mandates?
Self organisation outgrowing holocracy and sociocracy
how do we support people letting go of prescripitive ideas inherited from holocracy and sociocracy and reognise the SOS as something new.
Small XR Groups and coordinator roles
In a small XR group implementing SOS, with a limited pool of people to take up coordination roles, is it preferable to have an internal and external coordinator for each group but need some individuals to take on more then one coordination role, or to limit individuals to coordinating one group but some groups… Read more
Restructuration/Adaptation of the Structure in times of COVID-19
trust as the priest in the marriage between SOS and Regen
The word trust is missing totally from XR - despite the EU being so serious about it that it's given perhaps more than two million euros to philosophers to convince people that people should trust expert scientists. And also despite it being a super-fucking cool word which is probably… Read more
Autonomy and cooperation
How might we organise if we thought of XR groups and roles as cooperative in addition to/instead of autonomous?
How should we self-organise the Governance of Self-Organising Network?
How should we co-evolve governance of the Self-Organising Network? What are the tips we can learn from other networks, like the Open Software Movement? How do we mitigate for dedicated individuals having to take on too much or should that be welcomed as at least they are… Read more